Construction’s Communication Platform of the Future.

Project xR brings the power of mixed reality to every stakeholder in a construction project.

Product Benefits

  • Reduce Cost


    Architects, engineers, and owners have to waste less time traveling to the job site; 12 hours of travel time saved on average per month for professional staff.

  • Increase Productivity


    Less time spent by Project Managers on data entry and visual documentation. Less time and money spent on construction managers’ site visits.

  • Automate Workflows


    Organize and archive all collaborative communications – video, photo, audio, transcript – between project stakeholders for documentation purposes.

Works With Every Workflow

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Features and Integration

  • Integrations

  • Photo Tagging

    Tag photos for more efficient search filtering.

  • "See through my eyes” Conferencing

    See through the eyes of the PM or superintendent from anywhere in the world.

  • Audio & Video Recording

    Record communication for… TBD

  • Transcription

    Voice-to-text streamlines manual input and improves documentation.

  • Dictation

    Fill out previous manual fields within your organization’s project management solution via voice.

  • Spatial Awareness

    Achieve better spatial awareness by sharing where you are on the project and what direction you’re facing in reference to jobsite drawings in real time on calls.

  • Live Markup

    Mark up drawings, photos, documents, and the HoloLens user environment in real time from any device.