Collaborate with Augmented Reality Video Conferencing

Connect With Your Coworkers, Customers, and Clients Remotely at Any Physical Location or Job Site Through Augmented Reality Video Conferencing.


IMAJION connects users on its secure conferencing platform. Calls are fully encrypted between the secure server and each endpoint. Accessible through a Google Chrome browser, no installation or download is required to use IMAJION.


A user onsite can join conferences sharing their live first-person view through a Microsoft HoloLens. Using the IMAJION platform,  anyone within a conference can share files, videos, schematics, and documents from their device or directly from integrated third party software.


Create an audit trail and track your decision making history with IMAJION. All meetings can be recorded with a clicked consent from participants and all videos are automatically saved to your project in the cloud securely for future use. If a user is onsite, all participants on the IMAJION call can create push pins and attach notes for later review.


construction worker conducting virtual site visit

Our collaboration platform increases worker safety because meeting as a group onsite doesn’t require everyone to travel physically. Onsite users share their views and voices from job sites with real-time connectivity to co-workers working remotely or to workers elsewhere on site keeping physical distance. 


Custom virtual real estate tour

Our communication features allow commercial and residential real estate professionals to provide a customized experience to potential clients and offer secure recordings for clients to review following the showing. 



Our secure conferencing system provides encrypted calling and authenticated streaming file sharing to ensure your confidential communication and information is safe.  Impromptu meetings can be held on private team channels. 


“The IMAJION Collaboration Platform does not replace human interaction, but it does allow a larger team to be “onsite” and get real time personal interactions seamlessly. By minimizing the number of people who have to travel to a job site, we can cut down on travel expenses and increase productivity. We are able to include a much larger design team on projects through remote access without the additional billable hours due to travel. The ability to record our site visits means new team members are able to access the knowledge base of previous meetings and team members. We are excited about the IMAJION Collaboration Platform because it allows us to do things with limited travel that we normally couldn’t do - and it opened our eyes to opportunities to improve collaboration even when we don’t have travel restrictions and limitations in the future.”
Michael Freiert
Pope Architects


IMAJION is a collaboration tool. Using a Microsoft HoloLens, our platform brings project stakeholders together on demand to advance work onsite with input from remote experts, partners, and clients. We empower your company to stay connected and continue to grow while keeping employees & clients safe.

Reduce Travel Costs

Visit the site more frequently without spending time or money on transit

Increase Safety

Hands free computing
with integrated OSHA-compliant protection

Streamline Collaboration

Enhance communication with remote stakeholders

Save Time

Meet on site instantly without coordinating travel schedules for multiple parties

Improve Workflows

Collaborate interactively with project data and the job site

Eliminate Rework

Proactively inspect
and coordinate work from

Increase Productivity

Improve communication
to complete projects faster

Protect from Litigation

Record calls and document the decision making process