Be on Your Job Site
Anytime from Anywhere
IMAJION is the next generation of onsite collaboration technology. We connect remote and onsite workers securely and immediately to ensure your projects stay on time and on budget.
Join Your Job Site...
Anytime from Anywhere
IMAJION is the next generation of onsite collaboration technology. We connect remote and onsite workers securely and immediately to ensure your projects stay on time and on budget.

OAC Meetings with IMAJION

Safety Walks with IMAJION

Punch Listing with IMAJION

Skip the Drive.
Start the Site Walk.

Using the IMAJION platform, a field rep shares their augmented reality (AR) view and voice with offsite conference participants.

Teammates click the video to place 3D markers and text anchored to the site in real time.

Recordings, snapshots, and 3D scans capture annotations and automatically store your in project’s cloud library.

Power your jobs with remote work


IMAJION brings expertise to your site instantly. By connecting architects, designers, inspectors, and owners’ reps to your job site with one click, you can get questions answered, RFIs resolved, and audit work completed without travel to the job site. Coordination between the back office, the field office, and workers on site has never been so easy. 


60% of rework on construction job sites is caused by bad data and miscommunication. IMAJION allows your team to virtually meet on site anytime so you have the right data you need to make the right decisions.  

Bid on jobs
more effectively 

Use IMAJION to host pre-bid walkthroughs remotely. Get more potential bidders “on site” and record their feedback in detail. Using IMAJION’s real-time AR technology, you can craft your bids faster, with lower overhead costs, and higher safety and efficiency ratings. 

How much can IMAJION save you?

Without constant travel to the job site, you can save your company and customers unnecessary costs. Use our Savings Calculator to estimate what IMAJION can save your project.

tools to build from anywhere

Easy to connect

Share a live view of your job site from your iPad, iPhone, or Microsoft HoloLens with anyone in the world with one single click.

Part of your ecosystem

Connect your Procore and BIM360 accounts to immediately access the latest drawings and documents from IMAJION and to automatically share your recordings, snapshots and 3D scan captures with your Procore and BIM360 accounts.

Mitigate risk

Reduce health and safety risks associated with physical travel by bringing stakeholders to the job site remotely. Remote oversight allows your safety team to better manage the site and ensure best practices are followed.

Document Decisions

Record and share site walks for future use. Capture entire meetings alongside a real time chat, message, file, and AR annotation and timestamp critical moments for future review.

Built for the AEC Industry

IMAJION was built for the AEC industry with input from the AEC industry – from owners to tradespeople. Our team worked to ensure IMAJION answers the problems, pain points, and needs of the industry.


Hold meetings without coordinating travel schedules. Document the current project state. Get immediate answers from team members not on the job site. Produce video and audio recordings of project decisions. Work through punch lists and RFIs more efficiently.

Project Managers

Visit multiple job sites in a single day from your desk with a remote walkthrough by your superintendent using IMAJION. Reduce job site travel. Exercise increased oversight on your jobs for less cost. Provide your expertise to project teams immediately when needed.


Bring projects to revenue sooner with rework delays. Increase involvement of corporate safety and construction management resources without travel time and expenses. Exercise live, direct oversight on your projects from anywhere in the world. Document key decisions in the build process for future use.


Coordinate directly with field works. Guide the implementation process without travel. Troubleshoot RFIs from your desk with live access to the job site and tools like Revit. Provide your design team with a live view of the project remotely. Increase oversight on implementation of out of town jobs.



We offer pricing packages to fit any size company and any size project. Contact us directly to learn more about how IMAJION can work within your budget and save your project time and money.






For 9+ users, IMAJION can offer enterprise packages


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