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An IMAJION property tour viewed on a tablet REAL ESTATE

A virtual home walkthrough
IMAGINE being able to conduct customized real estate tours to clients around the world through your own eyes.

IMAJION‘s software allows commercial and residential real estate agents to provide clients with customized tours of properties through the agents’ eyes.  Agents and clients can record visits for future reference or to share with colleagues, mark up spaces with notes or pushpins, take measurements, and pull in external documents including blueprints to get the complete picture of a property without clients having to travel to the physical site. 

Secure Video System
  • Automatically end-to-end encrypts all direct calls between two users.
  • Group calls are fully encrypted between the secure server and each endpoint.
Efficiency for Clients
  • Clients have more time to spend visiting properties because travel time is eliminated.
  • Potential clients can tour multiple offices or homes without having to travel.
Real-Time Onsite View
  • Using IMAJION’s cloud-based software and the onsite HoloLens, the agent can share their view of the property with up to 15 users with real-time connectivity.
  • Agents can showcase properties to the buyers as if they were seeing it in person by using a Microsoft HoloLens or their iPhone.
Augmented Reality Markup
  • An agent wearing the HoloLens at the site can highlight areas of interest by marking up the physical space using pushpins, arrows, texts, and a ruler to measure distance between two points.
  • Remotely connected buyers can mark up the space using pushpins, text, and markers.
Customized Visits
  • Potential buyers can interact live with the agent - asking questions, making requests, and controlling the flow of the tour.
  • Agents using a Microsoft Hololens can showcase properties to buyers as if they were visiting in person.
Capture and Record
  • Calls can be recorded, automatically saved to your project management system, and shared with your clients.
  • Clients are able to review property tours at their convenience and share with those who could not participate in the live call.
  • All participants must click a consent button before the conversation can be recorded.
    Users can search, browse, and review past meetings, shared files, and messages.



Moving Companies



Property Managers


Interior Designers

Insurance Claims Adjusters



A commercial property broker hosts on-site events to sell land for future commercial development, but social distancing requirements limit the size of the group on site and events can’t reach buyers too far beyond the state line. A realtor visits the site wearing the HoloLens and hosts a remote sales event for a dozen buyers dialed in from out of state. Buyers grab snapshots of their favorite parcels as the realtor showcases the surrounding environment and provides a personalized tour.


A residential realtor needs to showcase valuable properties to out of state and international buyers. The realtor hosts an interactive personal walkthrough with each buyer, sharing a first-person view of the property and discussing the details most important for that individual. Wearing the HoloLens, the realtor tours the buyer through the property in real-time and showcases the property’s best features interactively.