Warning: This is a more advanced version to get the IMAJION app and only a temporarily solution to get this on your HoloLens 2. Please contact us before attempting this.

Sideloading the IMAJION app allows you to get the IMAJION app on your HoloLens 2 outside of the Microsoft Store. To sideload the IMAJION app, you’ll first need to receive the package from us directly. Once you do, extract this to an easy to reach location on your computer and do the following:

  1. On the HoloLens 2, open the start menu and open the Settings
  2. Go to Update & Security > For Developers > Make sure Developer Mode and Device Portal are turned on
  3. Open the start menu, tap your wifi, find your wifi and tap ‘Advanced Options’, and find the IPv4 Address. Write this down
  4. With the HoloLens 2 turned on, you can either connect it to the computer or simply stay connected on WiFi, then go to the IPv4 address in your web browser. This should open up a login prompt
  5. If you do not remember this, mistype a random admin and password until it prompts to reset it. Go through this reset process until you’re logged in
  6. Once done, under ‘Views’, click on ‘Apps’
  7. Make sure you’re on ‘Local Storage’, choose the package file (a ‘.appxbundle’ file found in the main folder), tick ‘Allow me to select framework packages’. Click ‘Install’
  8. You’ll be prompted to upload the framework package. You can find this by going to ‘Dependencies > Arm’ and select the package found there (a ‘.appxbundle’ file)
  9. Once complete, you should find the IMAJION app in your device

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