Channels can be used to immediately hold a conference with your project members instantly. To join these channel conferences, follow the steps for your device below.

Joining on Web #

To join a channel from, do the following:

  1. Go to and navigate to the project with your channel
  2. Click on the channel
  3. Find the green phone icon to join the channel conference and click it

You should be redirected to the pre-call screen.

Joining on iOS #

To join a channel from the IMAJION iOS app, do the following:

  1. Open the IMAJION app and make sure you’re logged in
  2. Go to the project with your channel (projects name is at the top)
  3. Tap the Messaging section. If you don’t see it, make sure your app is in portrait mode
  4. Tap Channels at the top-right
  5. Tap the channel to join
  6. Tap the green call icon found at the bottom-right

After tapping the call icon, you’ll instantly join the IMAJION conference from your iOS device.

Joining on HoloLens #

To join a channel from the HoloLens app, do the following:

  1. With your HoloLens, find the IMAJION app, and tap to open it
  2. Login and navigate to the project with your channel
  3. Open the Conferences tool.
  4. By default, your conferences will show up. Click the channels icon (3 people) out of the two small icons at the right-side to switch to your Channels
  5. Click your channel

Once you air tap it, you will immediately join the channel conference

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