Gestures #

The HoloLens 2 has multiple actions/gestures that you’re able to do. You can do the following:

  • Touch
  • Use a hand ray
  • Gaze
  • Voice Command (if turned on)
  • Air tap

For IMAJION, we currently use gestures from HoloLens 1 which is a gaze plus air tap together. Currently, the gaze for the IMAJION app uses the HoloLens 1 gaze where the center of the device is where a dot appears.

To air tap, hold your hand straight out in front of you in a loose fist, point your index finger straight up toward the ceiling, tap your finger down, and then quickly raise it back up again. You can see an example of how to do this below.

For a full dive into learning all Gestures within the HoloLens 2, we would recommend using the Tips app for the HoloLens 2 which teaches you the basic gestures and voice commands for the overall device.

Understanding the IMAJION Toolbar #

The toolbar is your personal space to utilize the IMAJION functionalities with the HoloLens 2. Lets go over them in detail:

  • Select Project: Select from any of your projects that you’re a member of to work in that project
  • Sign-Out: If you need to switch to another account, you can always use this to sign out and into another account
  • Conferences: By default, this will open when you launch the IMAJION app. This allows you to join conferences immediately and to switch between conferences as well. We will eventually have the ability to join channels as well
  • Call Controls: Here you can control your recording, mic, video, and hanging up the call. Recording requires consent from the other parties, so please warn them before starting it
  • File Browser: Here you’ll find your main IMAJION folder along with any other folders if you’re integrated with either Procore, BIM360, Dropbox, or Slack
  • File Viewer: Here you’ll find all your open files and you’ll be able to view them up close and switch between them
  • Markup Tools: Here you’ll find the ability to take photos/videos, spatial scan of your space, pin, arrow, and measurement
  • Shrink Menu: You can collapse your menu for a more clean experience of your environment without any interruptions

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