Conferences in IMAJION allow you to meet with Project Members and Guests. Creating and editing projects is only available to Project Members.

Creating a Conference #

Creating a conference is the first step of utilizing IMAJION. To create a conference, do the following:

Select your project from the projects section on the left, then click the ‘+’ in the top-right.

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Here you’ll see Details, Guests, and Agenda that can be filled.

  1. Details
    • The details section allows you to add a title, date for the meeting, how often it will occur, the meeting time, and the location. The meeting will default to one hour from its start time but is changeable
    • You can change the date by either clicking on the section of the mm/dd/yyyy or by clicking the calendar icon to select view a calendar view
    • The occurrence can be set as one-time daily, or weekly
    • For the times, you have the option to either select the hour, minute, and AM/PM or by clicking the clock icon
    • Locations are manually typed in
  2. Guests
    • The Guests can be anyone from the Contacts found on the left side You can add guests by click and dragging the person’s contact into the Guests section. You can remove guests by clicking the x next to their name. Keep in mind that contacts with an orange circle are guests to the project while those with the blue circle are part of the project. You can see how to do this below:
  3. Agenda
    • If you have a general outline for how you’d like the meeting to go, the agenda helps in making sure the topics stay on their linear path. To start, you’ll click ‘Create Agenda’, click the ‘Add Topic’, and begin to add your topic’s title and description. Clicking ‘Add Topic’ will allow you to create more topics for the Agenda. Once you complete filling this out, you’ll click the blue and white button with a triangle pointing to the right. If you don’t see this, you’ll need to use the scrollbar to move your view to see it
    • Once back in the conference creation view, you’ll see a bell icon in the Agenda space. By default, calendar invitations are enabled. Clicking this will turn the bell red and the calendar invitation will not be sent upon creation

Once you’ve completed filling out the details of your conference, you’ll click the green check arrow to complete the creation. Alternatively, you can always cancel the creation with the red ‘x’ as well.

When you finish creating the conference, it will appear in the default conferences view. Keep in mind, the conferences are sorted by their date and time so if you created a conference that appears after current ones coming up, you’ll have to scroll to find and edit it.

Editing a Conference #

Once a conference is created, you can edit it to change any aspect of the details, guests, and/or agenda if you’re the creator of the conference. To edit a conference, do the following:

  1. Find the pencil icon with the conference to edit it
  2. When editing, you have the same options when creating a conference. You will have one additional option found next to the green checkmark to copy the conference invitation link. Other then this, you are able to edit any portion of your conference and your Guests will receive an update on this
  3. Once you’ve edited the Conference, you’ll click the green checkmark to confirm your changes OR click the red ‘x’ to cancel your changes

Conference Links #

Conferences will usually send out the email to those invited. If you decided not to notify them or they did not receive the notification, you’re able to copy the conference invitation and send your own email to your guests. You can find this when viewing the conference or editing it.

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