File Browser #

The File Browser is where you can find all the files on your project. Here, you’ll be able to pull up all files that are uploaded to the cloud for conferences, channels, and direct messages you’re a member of.

IMAJION Project #

IMAJION projects will have only one main folder shown in the home file view named IMAJION. This folder will only show files pertaining to conferences, channels, or direct messages you were a member of. It will be separated by either the person who uploaded it, channel name, or conference name.

Integrated Project #

Integrated projects will still have an IMAJION folder but will also sync both IMAJION and the integrated app continuously. This means that you will have the same IMAJION project folder while also having files that are on the integrated app. This works best for people that utilize BIM360 or Procore, allow you to have the most up to date documents at all times. You can read more on integration here.

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