Learn the ins and outs of how our IMAJION technology works with our FAQs


More than a communication tool, IMAJION is a collaboration platform. IMAJION connects you face-to-face online like other tools, but it also connects your project data and physical site and offers the leading tools to communicate with site representatives through augmented reality. Beyond conversing over video call, bring your team remotely to the job site to review schematics and create new videos and snapshots of the live environment. 

Joining a live demo is as easy as following a link in your browser. Use the form at Schedule a Demo to reach out, and we’ll schedule a 30m call to hear about your needs and show you our technology right on the IMAJION platform. 

IMAJION can arrange a limited time trial deployment for your team. Contact us for details. 

IMAJION includes a personalized training program with your first month of subscription. Learning to use the IMAJION platform takes under an hour, and if you’re already familiar with the HoloLens you could start holding remote site meetings today. Thanks to IMAJION’s remote conferencing capabilities, we can train your team from anywhere in the world. 

The IMAJION Collaboration Platform is priced as a monthly subscription licensed for each headset deployed to the field. 

IMAJION includes dedicated customer support with each license, including guaranteed response times for issues of ranked severity and a personal support rep within the IMAJION team. We can always join a conference to help your team get as much value as possible from our platform. 


Using the IMAJION software can be as easy as clicking a link to join a conference in your inbox and meeting your team in the browser. IMAJION’s conferencing application works right in Google Chrome or Apple Safari without any plugins or installation. IMAJION Augmented Reality is distributed through the Microsoft Store for HoloLens, and coming soon to mobile devices. For detailed instructions about using IMAJION, refer to help.imajion.com

IMAJION officially supports the Google Chrome browser on any relatively modern computer (2010+). Communicating on conferences requires a microphone, and is best with a video camera. The IMAJION platform requires at least a 5mbps up/down connection rate. 

IMAJION runs right in the Google Chrome browser without any additional software or plugins. 

IMAJION integrates with Procore, Autodesk BIM360, Dropbox, Slack, OneDrive, and Teams.

IMAJION requires at least 5mbps upload/download bandwidth. In the field, a 4G connection with at least 2 bars is typically sufficient to connect from the HoloLens. IMAJION can provide signal boosting solutions for remote environments. 

Yes, invite users from outside your project with secure, single-use links connecting directly and exclusively to the conference you host and the files you want to share. IMAJION conference links can’t be guessed or generated by bad actors, so your calls are secured to invited guests only.  

IMAJION lets you share all the files you depend on for work every day. Drag and drop PDFs, photos, videos, and Microsoft Office documents and presentations directly into your conferences, where every participant receives a full-quality view. Unlike a screenshare, text can still be selected and graphics are visible in full resolution. Zoom, pan, and page through your shared files to direct the discussion. 


IMAJION offers built-in security exceeding many existing conferencing solutions. Any direct call between two users on IMAJION is fully end to end encrypted, automatically, and group calls are fully encrypted between each endpoint and our physically secured, US-based servers. 

IMAJION can host your project in our secure cloud environment, or connect directly to your existing project management library. By linking your project in a platform like Procore, stream files and schematics stored in that library to your conferences and any recordings and snapshots taken in IMAJION will be automatically and securely uploaded to the project in the cloud.