Construction worker wearing HoloLens CONSTRUCTION & INSPECTION

IMAGINE visiting a construction site or inspected facility without leaving your home or office.

IMAJION is the world’s first telepresence conferencing system designed for the construction industry and field maintenance experts.

Wearing a HoloLens or using the IMAJION mobile app, a field rep shares his/her view and voice with  remote conference participants. Onsite and remote users can mark up the space using augmented reality with annotated media automatically uploaded to the users’ project management system for use in observations, punch list items, submittals, and RFIs.

Construction staff can “visit” multiple job sites, approve changes, and weigh in on issues without ever having to leave their homes. Inspection teams can complete jobs requiring two people on site while maintaining social distance. Architects can remotely coordinate with construction managers and superintendents on site, compare models and drawings on their screen to real space, edit the model in real time with the Revit tooling at their desk, and document the decisions made. Construction projects need “construction conferencing” and IMAJION is the solution. Learn more with our FAQs.

Construction site with AR annotations
Real-Time Onsite View
  • Using IMAJION’s cloud-based software, the onsite HoloLens user can share their view on the construction site with over a dozen users connected in real time.
  • Conference users can engage in conversation with the user and view the project through the HoloLens.
Capture and Record
  • Captured media, including video/audio recordings and photographs, is automatically uploaded to the cloud and stored in the customers’ cloud project library in IMAJION, Procore, BIM360, or Dropbox.
  • Meetings can be recorded and automatically saved to your project management system.
  • Audio and visual content can be recorded to document work progress, optimize accountability, and prevent future legal issues and disputes.
  • All participants must click a consent button before the conversation can be recorded.
  • Users can search, browse, and review past meetings, shared files, and messages.
Augmented Reality Markup
  • Onsite HoloLens or mobile app user can highlight areas of concern by marking up the physical space using push pins, arrows, texts, and a ruler to measure distance between two points.
  • Offsite participants can mark up the space using pushpins, text, and markers.
Secure Conferencing and Messaging
  • Automatically end-to-end encrypts all direct calls between two users.
  • Group conference calls are fully encrypted between the secure server and each endpoint.
  • Conference links are randomly generated and cannot be predicted to prevent uninvited guests.
  • Multiple screen sharing for side by side discussion.
  • Secure enterprise messaging is automatically provided.
Share Documents
  • Users can share 2D files including plans, pictures, specs, and additional media from their computers or a connected cloud project library.
  • Users can securely stream files from Procore, BIM360, or Dropbox to all conference participants, including the HoloLens user.
  • The conference users and HoloLens user can view these simultaneously and efficiently collaborate on documents and models together alongside the real site.
Schedule Conferences Easily
  • Create one time or recurring conferences with actionable agenda items.
  • Impromptu meetings can be held on private team channels.
  • Users can direct call team members.
  • Share calendar invitations on email or third party applications.









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Quality Control


An architecture firm is contracted for a major renovation of an out of state industrial warehouse’s heating and cooling system spaces. The firm sends a headset to the onsite contractor, who hosts a walk through of the site for the entire six-person project team. The contractor is already familiar with the space and points out some key complexities of this job, and the entire team is able to get a good look at the cramped mechanical spaces they’ll be redesigning. Later that afternoon the project team holds a meeting to review the recording of the site walk, pausing at key moments for discussion and looking over snapshots of the site taken during the call.


An engineering firm contracted by a state DOT for a bridge support refit needs a state inspector to sign off on a project milestone before moving forward. The job is located in a remote area a long drive from the closest DOT field office, and social distancing requirements prevent the inspector from being able to join the contractor in the cherry picker. Wearing the HoloLens, the contractor streams a live view of the job to the state inspector, who points out specific areas they need a closer look at and snaps photographs documenting the work. The inspector is able to certify the job from their desk at the central office, and the contractor and the DOT retain a recording documenting the contents of the inspection at that milestone.