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Project xR is the world’s first mixed reality communications & project management platform designed for construction professionals. Unify your data, simplify decision making and make project management easier.


Architects, engineers, finance teams have to waste less time traveling to the job site. 12 hours of travel time saved per month for professional staff.


Less time spent by Project Managers on data entry and visual documentation. Less time and money spent on area construction managers site visits.


Organize and archive all collaborative communications  – video, photo, audio, transcript – between project stakeholders for documentation purposes. 


Use holograms for visual communication like never before.


Start a HoloConference to manage all of your projects — all in one place — from anywhere in the world.

Improve onsite and remote collaboration. Our holoconferencing platform will pull project data from multiple PM software tools and place that data where it’s needed – in front of stakeholders.


Find the good stuff faster. Simplify and organize your media files, with direct integration to HoloConferencing.

Project xR

Ready to harness the powerof Mixed Reality for your business?

Project xR

The leading mixed reality project management software.